Montag, 4. Juni 2012

1. Lernfest Rüsselsheim

Logo design for the Rüsselsheim festival for learning. The visual part communicates the idea of growth and expansion of learning and gives reference to the festival's location: the fountain square. I designed the script type to go for the look and feel of a chalk board at school.

Flag poster connecting a school building to the main festival campus.
Wayfinding posters indicating the direction to various locations. Poster for the event in size DIN A0.
Attractions were offered from five areas: Kids and Family, Nature and Science, Health and Sports, Culture, Youth and Employment. For each of the areas, I developed icons that matched the over-all appearance of the festival design.

This past weekend, Rüsselsheim's first Festival for Learning took place. I designed the entire visual appearance of this event including logo design, poster sizes A0 and A2, baloons, wayfinding posters, helpers' nametags, magazine ads and the program folder.

One of the magazine ads.

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